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Company Headquarters and Shopping Mall

Project Detail:


33 Wai Yip Street, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon

Project Scope:

Authorized Person and Project Management Services for A&A Works

Project Size:

Approx. 34,000 sq.m.

Our client intended to change the two existing office floors to become a part of shopping arcade for revenue enhancement. As the Lead Consultant, we led the project team to provide AP, RSE, BSE, interior design and project management services to the client for A&A works of the shopping arcade. We managed to carry out large scale structural alteration including addition of staircases to comply with the statutory requirements. Passenger lift and cargo lift were also added to improve the vertical circulation. As the shopping arcade is one of the icon shopping arcade of our client and the visitor flow rate is high, it is essential to plan the work phases in order to maintain the normal operation of the shopping arcade.

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